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WHAT IS DRAGON BALL HEROES? Dragon Ball Heroes is a forthcoming limited time anime based off of the enormously prominent Japanese computerized card amusement Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 and its refresh, Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The arcade amusement, created by Dimps (which has built up a huge number of other Dragon Ball games), was discharged in 2010. In the...
Super Shenron is the Dragon of the Gods. He was made when the Dragon God, Zalama, formed the Super Dragon Balls. Whiz summons the Super Shenron in dragon ball super episode 41. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaxy2dyhMgA
vegeta new formvideo
Vegeta Goes Beyond Super Saiyan Blue | Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Vegeta looks distinctly different than his normal Super Saiyan Blue transformation, which got slightly more muscle mass. Vegeta's aura is a lot "darker" blue, along with his hair that looks a little bit longer and more sharper. So honestly, this new form looks like a real "God form"...
Goku and Vegeta Vs. Zamasu fused with Black Goku

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