The Cell Juniors begin their attack on the seven Z Fighters. For a little bit, the Z Fighters hold their own, but that quickly changes. Goku is tired from the fight with Cell and starts losing to one of the Cell Jrs. Piccolo notices this and instructs Yamcha and Tien Shinhan to protect Goku. They are able to do so, for a while.


At one point, all of the Cell Jrs are down on the ground. They come back and start turning the tide. Krillin is the first to be taken down. His opponent sends him down to the desert floor and pretty much tortures him for the rest of the time. Yamcha and Tien are next, followed by Goku: Yamcha gets his arm broken, and Tien and Goku just get smacked around. Piccolo, as well, begins to falter. Soon, only Future Trunks and Vegeta are able to defend themselves. Vegeta even tries his Final Flash attack but it gets kicked away like a soccer ball. Things are looking bad all around. Gohan is visibly upset to say the least and tears start forming in his eyes. He wants to help but does not know how.


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